The Doctor Who Show S06 E01 – Changing Face of Conventions

For some Doctor Who fans, paying a large fee to go to a convention, to only then stand in queues to pay even more money for autographs and/or photographs is the norm, and they’re more than happy to do it.

But things never used to be this way. While Producer Rob holidays in the South of France, join regular host Dave, irregular co-host Richard (The Goodies Pirate Podcast, Space Fall: A Blakes 7 Podcast), and Rob & Mark from the 42 to Doomsday podcast as they talk conventions from the 1980s up until today, including the 50th Anniversary celebration in the UK.

With an obvious emphasis on the Australian experience, the guys will not only take you through what conventions used to be like, but also share some stories from behind-the-scenes of actually running conventions.

Recorded live, in-person at Camp David.

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2 thoughts on “The Doctor Who Show S06 E01 – Changing Face of Conventions”

  1. Lots of memories when listening about cons, a few things as I was listening I thought needed clarification or correcting. Anytime you want me on as a follow up to to talk about cons from my perspective, happy to do so. I have good memories of cons from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle, Canberra, Perth Adelaide and Launceston. One thing about Timestorm, the con T-shirt, I will leave it for Richard to see if he can remember the problem 🙂

    1. Thanks Dallas! Certainly no plans to revisit conventions in 2021, as we’ve already got the rest of the year’s topics mapped out, and a few more besides. But always good to know; cheers!

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