The Doctor Who Show S03 E02 – Fantasy Doctor Who (feat. New to Who)

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The third series of The Doctor Who Show continues with Rob and Dave tackling a fun topic after the epic slugfest of last month (‘RTD versus The Moff’ if you missed it).

This month they’re talking ‘Fantasy Doctor Who’ and to help out on this topic, Steven and Daniel from the lovely New To Who podcast join Rob and Dave for most of the ep.

Not only that, but the normally Perth-based lads recorded IN PERSON. Which also means, yes, for the first time in the show’s history, Rob and Dave were also in the same room with each other, with Dave travelling up to Sydney from Melbourne. So do tune in to find out what happened when the podcasts got together. Hint: They had a TON of fun.

Before that, of course, Rob and Dave do a quick whip around some recent Doctor Who news. Notably, however, they don’t discuss the new Doctor Who logo, as that was announced less than 12hrs after they recorded the introduction to the episode. Curse you, BBC marketing. Dave also tells us about his new Blake’s 7 podcast, sans-Rob, Space Fall.

A splendid time awaits and be sure to let us know YOUR fantasy Doctor Who, too…!

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