The Doctor Who Show S01 E09

0:00:00 Theme tune & Doctor Who chat with Rob @theDWshow and David @DkWedgetail

– David’s finished his New Adventures collection, leading to a discussion of the NAs, Target novels, the cost of postage from the UK, Doctor Who Magazine and collecting in general.

– Rob’s watched Tom Baker in The Hound of the Baskervilles from 1982, also featuring Barry Letts as Producer, Terrance Dicks as Script Editor and Caroline John as Laura Lyons.

– The rise and rise of Madman Entertainment.

– David’s watched some episode of THE DALEK MASTERPLAN and has some thoughts for fans on sitting back and just enjoying a good story.

– Star Trek is 50 years old and David’s wondering what the world would be like if there were missing episodes of the original era of Star Trek, in the same way Doctor Who is still missing episodes.

– Class. David digs up some new information on the show and even tunes into a repeat of a live stream Q&A that reveals quite a bit of news about the forthcoming series, including Peter Capaldi’s role.

– Steven Moffat denies John Barrowman claim he’s blocking the return of Torchwood to television. Is there a backlash against Barrowman, and is there a difference in attitudes depending on the country?

– POWER OF THE DALEKS. What did we get right and wrong from Episode 8? Is it in colour? Has the omnirumour taken a battering over it?

– Karen Gillan’s costume in Jumanji starts a controversy. Is it sexist? How is it different to Lara Croft’s? What is the context in the film, anyway? Even the Rock has to get involved.

– Listener email from John Hole. Discussion of which Australian locations and actors would be appropriate for Doctor Who.

– Listener question from Rob at 42 to Doomsday. “Name the encounter with a Doctor Who actor/production member that still gives you the happiest memories and why.” Rob tells a Katy Manning anecdote and David relates a story about Sophie Aldred. Plus more memories.

0:42:18 The Doctor Who A-Z – Part 8 ‘H’ by Iain @theIainMartin

0:53:36 The Letter Lords – Jim @KrynoidPodCast & Bob @BoFleming discuss letters, texts and tweets sent to Doctor Who Magazine as well as the wider magazine itself

1:28:55 Outro to the show by Rob @theDWshow

1:31:25 End Credits. Write to us at

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