The Doctor Who Show S01 E02

0:00:00 Theme tune & intro to the show by Rob @theDWshow

0:02:30 What is the appeal of the classic era of Doctor Who to some younger viewers? Rob @theDWshow & Diddly Dum podcaster, Hayden Gribble @Gribbla12 discuss the topic

0:58:50 The Doctor Who A-Z – Part 2 ‘B’ by Iain @theIainMartin

1:06:32 The Letter Lords – Jim @KrynoidPodCast & Bob @BoFleming discuss letters, texts and tweets sent to Doctor Who Magazine

1:34:53 Whotiques Roadshow – Rob @theDWshow talks to David Kitchen @DkWedgetail about an item from his Doctor Who collection

2:06:01 The TARDIS Library – Mark @MarkESutter reviews 10th Doctor #2.5 from Titan Comics

2:09:45 The TARDIS Library – Kevin @livewire1221 reviews 12th Doctor #2.1 from Titan Comics

2:14:57 Outro to the show by Rob @theDWshow discussing the format of the X-Files versus the format of Doctor Who & theme tune

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