The Who Wars Podcast #042 (FINAL)

00:00 Opening Credits

00:35 Introduction to Episode #42 – the final Who Wars episode – by Rob @theDWshow

10:10 Team Question: What interested you about Who Wars? Why did you want to be part of it?

13:20 Star Wars: The Force Awakens by Andy @skaromedia

30:45 Team Question: When you think of your time on Who Wars, is there a song that comes to mind?

35:48 The Alternate Sounds of Who Wars by Rob @theDWshow

43:15 Team Question: What will you miss most about contributing to Who Wars?

47:00 Doctor Who: The Husbands of River Song by Rob @theDWshow Kate @kamiduu & Lex @lexerness

1:27:50 Team Question: The time has come… the moment has arrived… Star Wars or Doctor Who?

1:30:15 In the End: Rob @theDWshow gives his final thoughts as Who Wars comes to an end

1:35:40 Team Question: Any parting thoughts for Who Wars listeners?

1:39:52 Closing Credits