The Doctor Who Show S07 E01 – The Podcast of Decision IV

It’s become traditional for the January slot in the Doctor Who Show calendar to let Rob have a break from the flagship show while Dave creates something a bit different; often with his local mates from fandom in Victoria.

Today, the Podcast of Decision IV.

Dave is joined by Mark (42 to Doomsday, Goodies Pirate Podcast), and Richard (Space Fall: A Blakes 7 Podcast, Goodies Pirate Podcast), for an hour of games and general discussion about Doctor Who through those games.

If you’d like to hear more of these games we sometimes play on the podcast, you can find the previous three installments of the Podcast of Decision in episodes released on November 11, 2018; August 25, 2019; and April 12, 2020.

Rob will be back next month for one of our legendary deep dives on a classic season of Doctor Who. For the seasons we’re proposing to look at, and how to vote for what you want to hear us cover, tune into this episode!

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