Rob and Dave Unplugged 2 (The DW Show Presents: Your Questions, Our Answers)

January 5, 2022 saw Rob and Dave catch up, in person, in Sydney. Being based in different Australian cities – and the pandemic – it was only the third time they’ve met in person since first meeting on January 27, 2018.

That first meeting resulted in a lo-fi, hotel room recording which got called, ‘Rob and Dave Unplugged‘ where the guys discussed fandom in Australia, and their roles in it (and out of it), during the 80s, 90s, 00s, and beyond.

For this latest meeting, the lo-fi, hotel room recording vibe is back. Strap in for, ‘Rob and Dave Unplugged 2’ where, this time around, the guys take 19 questions and a comment, from their social media followers, and answer them all.

The questions take the chat over the place, from hypothetical Doctor Who scenarios, to our favourite Australian bands, to questions about the podcast itself. A veritable cornucopia if you have an hour, or so, to spend with the guys.

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