The Doctor Who Show S06 E02 – Stories for Doctor Who Virgins

If you heard our November 2020 episode, you may recall a letter from listener ‘JT’ that expressed interest in us doing a ‘Stories for Doctor Who Virgins’ episode, whereby we’d recommend a story from each Doctor’s era – classic and modern – that you could show someone who has never seen Doctor Who before and, hopefully, get a good reaction!

We love taking on listener suggestions so here, a mere three months later, we’ve made JT’s request a reality. What will our picks be, across the years? Some might seem obvious. Some might surprise. But we explain all of them and, hopefully, if you’re in the position to show Doctor Who to a newbie, you might even consider some of them.

Before then, of course, it’s time for some news and short topics from the worlds of Doctor Who and beyond.

Hope you enjoy the episode! Contact us anytime,

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