Once upon a time, there was a podcast called The Comic Book Show. It ran for around 30 episodes before its creator, Rob Irwin, decided to change gear and make a podcast featuring two of his passions; Star Wars and Doctor Who. The resulting podcast was called Who Wars and, yea, it was good.

Over time, Who Wars grew to feature a small team of regular contributors, creating a weekly show (initially, before shifting to a fortnightly format), that would toss up an eclectic array of features, reviews, and interviews.

[You can hear all of the Who Wars episodes via this very website. As they feature a lot of Doctor Who content, we figure that some listeners who are new to our work might still be interested in hearing them sometime…]

As Who Wars approached its first anniversary, however, Rob wasn’t feeling at ease with Star Wars fandom and its podcasting landscape and was no longer motivated to be talking Star Wars to a wide audience. He telegraphed this to the Who Wars team and spoke about it at length in Episode #41 of the show. Make no mistake, however, he still loves Star Wars in general!

Maintaining a strong desire to still talk widely about Doctor Who, however, Rob created the concept of The Doctor Who Show. Featuring a line-up of regular segments, the podcast lasted in its original form for most of 2016.

In late 2016, however, Rob decided to ‘deconstruct’ the podcast and publish each segment as its own monthly show — but all on the same feed. The result being that listeners still hear all the same content, but not as part of a monthly two or three hour podcast. Now listeners find segments lasting between 10 minutes and an hour, dropping at different times of the month.