The Who Wars Podcast #015

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00:30 Introduction to the show; includes discussion of living in a Doctor Who-free world, now that Series 8 has concluded; promotion of Rob, Kate and Lex discussing the final six episodes of Series 8 of Doctor Who next Wednesday night; additional thoughts on Series 8 of Doctor Who; promotion of the podcasts I Love Green Guide Letters and Hardcore History; get in touch with the show and/or leave some iTunes feedback. Details in the closing credits.

I Love Green Guide Letters –
Hardcore History –

14:16 NEWS – Star Wars – Christopher Nolan declares he’d be too afraid to direct an episode of Star Wars.

16:32 NEWS – Star Wars – Marvel provides a sneak peak at its upcoming Darth Vader comic, coming out in 2015.

Darth Vader –

19:52 NEWS – Doctor Who – Jenna Coleman confirmed to be in Doctor Who Christmas Special; includes audio of a scene.

24:51 NEWS – Doctor Who – Steven Moffat defends Series 8 ratings; comments on the changing nature of viewing habits.

29:32 TEASER – Doctor Who Series 8 (Part 2) by Rob @WhoWars Kate @Kamiduu and Lex @Lexerness

53:45 REVIEW – Star Wars Rebels: Out of Darkness (Lucasfilm) by Rob @WhoWars & Leo

1:06:53 REVIEW – Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire by Kate @Kamiduu

1:12:15 REVIEW – Doctor Who: 10th Doctor #4 (Titan) by Rob @WhoWars

1:18:45 ADVERT – Doctor Who: Dark Journey

1:19:12 Closing remarks; call for submissions and new contributors as well as iTunes feedback on the show

1:21:01 The Who Wars Podcast Credits (including details on how to get in touch with the show)